Porsche InnoDrive in Memphis, TN            
Leave it to Porsche to take the concept of adaptive cruise control and push it forward. With Porsche InnoDrive, available on a range of vehicles you'll find at Gossett Porsche in Memphis, you get the convenience of cruise control without losing the exhilaration you expect from one of the world's leading performance brands. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

As the name would suggest, Porsche InnoDrive innovates adaptive cruise control to deliver a more exciting, more appropriately Porsche driving experience. The key is the ability to predict what comes next, which Porsche InnoDrive does quite easily thanks to a system of advanced radar and video systems. Gathering data on everything from speed limits to topography, Porsche InnoDrive takes your intended route and pre-optimizes speed and gearshifts to ensure maximum efficiency and maximum enjoyment. 

Porsche InnoDrive works up to 1.8 miles in advance, which provides ample time for gradual acceleration and deceleration. No more stomping on the brakes when the speed limit suddenly drops 10 mph - Porsche InnoDrive knows what's coming and adapts to it, letting you focus more on the feeling. 

Traffic Jam Assist

Because driving in and around Memphis isn't all open-road cruising, Porsche InnoDrive adds the essential wrinkle of Traffic Jam Assist to help you when the going gets heavy on Interstate 40. Working at speeds up to 37 mph, Traffic Jam Assist helps keep your vehicle centered in the intended lane and a safe distance from the vehicles ahead. By monitoring other cars on the road and road signs, the system helps relieve tension in a stressful situation, helping you arrive at your destination calm and ready for whatever the day holds. 

Porsche is one of the foremost brands for innovation, and the aptly named Porsche InnoDrive technology is just another piece of evidence toward that point. To learn more about Porsche InnoDrive, other cutting-edge technologies Porsche offers, and the latest and greatest vehicles in the Porsche lineup, call or email Gossett Porsche in Memphis to make an appointment. 

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